Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Resume

     Rossha Harris

Objective -My objective is to help my community through communication and through patience .


January 2010
Fernando Pullum Performing Arts High School
Los Angeles ,CA


Advance Placement Literature English , Advance Placement US History

Coursework: In Advance Placement Literature English we read several  literature books and write about the objectives of the book .

In Advance Placement US History we learn excelled History and about World War 1 and World War 2. Also we learned about Slavery and about the different Racism between the different races .

Academic Awards/Achievements:

·         Honor Roll , G.P.A 3.6 (2011)


Summer of  2010
Ed ‘Ward Vincent Summer Camp
Inglewood ,CA
  • Camp Leader

  • Watch over the kids
  • Did different activities with the kids

Summer  of 2009
Ed ‘Ward Vincent Summer Camp
Inglewood ,CA

  • Watch over the kids
  • Camp Leader
  • Did different activities with the kids

Computer Skills



§  Diversity Leader’s Spring Retreat, (April, 2011)
§  Delta Gems Inglewood Chapter ( October , 2010)
  • Los Angeles Jets Track &Field Club ( Decemeber,1999)


§  Booker Woods
§  James Henry , Director at Ed Ward Vincent Park